June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

leaving on a trip on that cool, late summer

I can’t see, I couldn’t hide my feeling

with the ocean, a restless meeting

We can hide our pain a moment

The day I left only love in my memory

For our future that will remember that day

It’s the ocean that we’ll leave behind in the short summer night

So cool night. I can hear my breathing


I can only let you leave me quietly

I stood at the place once again

Looking at you slowly leaving

Tears falling slowly leaving

Tears falling slowly

Such a cold season

Come back again

I can only wait for you

I couldn’t say anything

Staring at your falling tears

I can’t help but love you

Rather than forgetting, hurting is easier for me

can you back to me?


Today is full of sunshine

Your light came down

Your smile filled my day

Even admist what seems to be a bit depressing, painful day

Thourgh you everything feels cured

All these things only for you

You make me forget my day

My love….

Always by my side

With you….

As long as I have you

I do….

Sometimes I feel tired too

Maybe that might hurt you

But I will never let go

I always be by your side



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