Keren Lagunya

January 25, 2012 § Leave a comment


I wanna live forever
Whom you realize forever means together

I hope you know
When you say it wasn’t over
For the third times
I hope you know
You make me wanna give me something, more and more

Aaa…wanna give you hold
All the time
And wear you robe
It’s just, for the pooring rain
That never end
All the time
(My life is raining all the time)

I wanna live forever
I’m the oak tree
Forever scar the stranger

I wanna grow my hair and nails you up my life
I hope to do change your last name and be a wife

Aaa… wanna share my lungs
All the time
It’s face the sun
It’s just, like a burning pain
That i be alone
All the time
(My life it’s burning all the time)


P.S: Didengerin pas siap-siap  tidur adalah bisa membuat kita optimis sama dunia impian kita. Yeah, mimpi pun harus optimis. Terlepas dari maksud lirik lagu ini. Salam Harapan (E.P)

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